Monday, November 11, 2013

Go home Monday. You're Drunk.

Today has seriously been the worst! And it's only 1:30!!

So here's a picture of a my bunny in her spaceship

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bunny, New Job, and Feeling Nostalgic

I've been meaning to update forever. So I'm going to give every update in the last few weeks in 1 single blog post. YAY.

Dave and I went to disneyland for the fourth time this year. I feel sheepish admitting this, but I blow up my instagram with Disney anyway, so what the hell. We have become obsessed!!! I never grew up going to Disneyland, so I feel like a little kid every time I go! I still get excited when I see Mickey Mouse with a huge line of kids waiting for a picture with him. My favorite ride remains Pirates and Haunted Mansion, and Dave loves Indiana Jones and Space Mountain, but he always rides Pirates over and over again with me (:

Krieger- a girl!!! Before we went to Disneyland, she had been acting a little funny. Very antisocial and cranky. And her poops were teeny!!! We took her to Dave's mom's to be babysat, so we figured she was probably just stressed, and that she would get back to normal. Cindy (Dave's mom) was giving us updates, and poor Krieger wasn't eating, drinking, or going potty. We had her feed Krieger some lettuce, as we were on our way home. The following day, Krieger wasn't feeling any better, so we took her to the vet. She has what is called GI stasis. Basically, nothing is moving. We had to get prescription food, and appetite simulator. I've been feeding her with a syringe for the last 4 days. She's not getting much better. So chances are we are going to have to take her to the vet to get hospitalized....poor little bud.

New Job
My uncle started working for a company, and offered me a really wonderful opportunity, so I jumped. I had to become licensed in Health insurance. And after hours of studying extremely detailed material, 2 tests that I missed the mark  by less than 4%, I finally passed. I had orientation today, and I start my training tomorrow.  This is such a big blessing. Though I'm worried that Dave and I are never going to see each other anymore, as we will work completely opposite schedules. But somehow we always see each other, so I know we'll be just wonderful.

Today marks 2 years with Dave. We've been a hot item for 2 years. And I couldn't be happier, or more blessed, for that matter.  He has been with me through A LOT. And I can honestly say I love him more each and everyday. There's something about being married that completely changes the way you can love a person. There is a vulnerability that is accepted. You know when you're partner is happy, sad, or has explosive diarrhea. It's really different than what I expected, but so much deeper and more enjoyable than I ever dreamed. I wouldn't suggest that every girl marries at 18 years old, but it seems to be working well for me. I regret nothing. And look forward to my future and Mr. and Mrs. Shuey with nothing but excitement.
That was the other thing. For a long time, I had to mutter my name under my breath while I signed my name, so that I didn't sign my maiden name. Recently, I stopped doing that. Shuey is feeling more natural. And for just a split second, I was kind of sad. It's letting go of a part of myself or something. But it's not. I'll always be a Judd. I'm Alexandria Katherine Judd Shuey. I just didn't hyphenate my name because:
A) When you say it at a normal pace, it sounds like a sneeze.
B) When my future babies are learning how to write their names, that would be mean.

Chai Tea
I've always loved Chai tea, but recently I've been making it myself, or mixing it with cocoa. And it is delicious. I love the spicy nature of Chai. (Which is quite shocking if you know me. I usually hate anything spicy.)

I need cute sweats. I always jam in my leggings. I'm one of those girls that wears them as pants. But with my new job, I am not allowed to wear them at all, unless they are accompanied by a knee length dress. (Which at that point, they aren't worth wearing...) So I want to get some cute sweats. Any suggestions?

Sleep is a precious commodity that seems to not want to cooperate with me. I've been taking melatonin, which usually knocks me out. But it hasn't been recently. I have to wake up at 8, and it doesn't ever feel like a possibility.

I've had a few people ask me when I'm going to be reproducing. Which quite frankly, is none of their business. But for now, Dave and I are happy being us, and making too many trips to Disneyland, and eating far more Sensuous Sandwich than we should.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sep 19: Pulled Pork

Dave and I both love pulled pork, so I figured it was a good way to start out my cooking adventures!!!

1-2 lb pork roast
BBQ sauce
1-1/2 cup water

Cover bottom of crockpot with bbq sauce, and add water. Mix until the bbq sauce thins. Put roast in crockpot. Smother with bbq sauce.

Cook on high for 3 hours, then cook on low for 2 hours.
Shred and place on buns. (Add more bbq sauce if you like...I did)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

La Cucina

I'm going to tell you all a little secret.....

I have cooked for Dave and I twice.
In the 9 months we've been married.

Though that's embarrassing to admit, we've enjoyed eating out...a lot. Part of that was that our schedules were so crazy. We were both working graveyards, and then we were working opposite schedules, and wanted to spend our time together. (Yes. I know cooking together is time together, but we just wanted time to talk, laugh, and be merry.)  Recently my tummy hasn't been feeling super great. I think a lot of that has to do with amount of processed foods, heavy grease, and fat content we've been eating. 

So one day I called my friend Sariah, and suggested we make menus for our families. We spent 3 hours going over recipes, planning out themes for each night of the week, and coming up with entrees.

HERE is the pdf of my 2 week menu (: Feel free to use it or change it up.
(I go from wednesday to wednesday because of my husband's work rotation.)

I will be posting the recipes with pictures every day. Feel free to use the recipes.

Most of my recipes are from Six Sisters' Stuff and can be purchased here or at costco.

Wish me luck!! (And if you're learning to cook just like me, I wish you the best of luck!)

All my love,
Alex Shuey


Saturday, June 29, 2013

6 Months: A Photostory of Mr. And Mrs. Shuey.

On December 29, 2012 I married my soulmate, and the love of my life David Shuey. Today marks 6 months that we have been married. They have been full of so much life and love, and have gone by so incredibly fast. Rather than explain all the of beautiful life that we've experienced together, I have gathered some of my favorite pictures from the adventures of our life.


Happy 6 months!!! You are the only person I would ever want to go on this crazy amazing journey with. 

I love you to the moon and back.



Monday, June 10, 2013

Feeling Purple

I've never had a good relationship with my laundry. I avoid laundry like the plague. I generally don't complete my laundry unless I have :
A) Completely run out of underwear


B) Could create a bomb shelter out of the piles of clothes hanging around.

Today Dave told me that it was indeed, time to do my laundry. (It's a little sad that my husband is the one that tells me to do my laundry.) So after a long bout of whining, and cursing Adam and Eve for making nudity a problem in the first place, I sorted my laundry. 

I started with my load of whites. I was feeling quite proud of myself. Washing all the clothes. Folding all the clothes. I was beating the laundry. Or so I thought....

When I opened the dryer, I was in for quite the shock....

All of my whites were PURPLE. And I don't mean "oops-I-left-a-purple-sock-in-my-white-purple, I mean "son-of-a-bleep-i-left-my-purple-tye-dye-dress-in-the-whites" kind of purple.

I wish I could lie, and say that it was an accident. That the purple dress hid in the middle of my laundry like a sneaky little spy, but I can't. It was on purpose. The dress had lots of white and light blue in it, so I was worried about the white in the dress getting stained by my color load of laundry. Evidently I was wrong.

If there is such thing as laundry karma, I have bad karma. I don't know what I did to make the laundry gods angry, but I ruined 3 of my favorite shirts, my only pair of white shorts, and my white sweater. The good news is that now I have a purple sweater, shorts, and t-shirts.  The bad news is that now I have to replace all of that. (Or maybe that's the best news....) 

Being a good housewife isn't as easy as everyone makes it out to be. I don't know how my mom did all the laundry for her family of six as long as she did. I can barely do my own. I'm pretty sure after this little stunt of mine, Dave will never let me come near his white t-shirts ever again. Not that I really oppose....haha.

Lesson of the day: Purple tie-dye dresses don't go into white laundry, dummy.

All my love,
Alex Shuey

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Garden 2013

Surprise!!! New layout. Let's be honest. I'm not a polka dot, and antique spoon kind of girl.


We are renting an apartment. Which can make the whole having a garden thing kind of difficult.
But! I really really wanted a garden this year. (Mostly because I adore flowers and fresh fruits and vegetables.) There is something so soothing about digging around in the dirt and leaving with your hands smelling of earth that is just so incredibly theraputic.

So this year I did a potted garden. My entire garden is in big pots. I have flowers, tomatoes, and some fresh herbs. I started out trying to plant seeds. I had a window greenhouse. All of my seeds shot up into darling little seedlings. It was so fun to watch. But then, after the 30 germination period, I was advised by the box to let them have some real outdoor exposure. And guess what.

They all died. Every last one of them.

I pretty much felt like a failure. I wanted so badly to grow all of my flowers and tomatoes from cute little seedlings. But clearly that wasn't in the plan for me this year....So I made the very best of it.

Sophie (my baby sis) and I went to Home Depot about 2 weeks ago, and stuffed my little car full of flowers and plants. It was the funnest thing in the world. Cindy (my mother in law) gave me several big pots to plant in, so I didn't have to buy any. Sophie helped me design my cute little potted garden. But I have kept it alive.

I'm a good little gardener. I water my plants everyday, and everything is thriving. I want to get another 2 or 3 planters before summer really hits. I want to get more vegetables. Maybe some squash or pumpkins. (Nothing is quite as delicious as fresh pumpkin cookies in the fall.)


I am pleased to present the Shuey garden 2013.


 Lavender (my favorite)


 Planter #1 (It looks really awkward. I didn't get enough plants. I'm fixing it this week.)

 Early Girl Tomatoes (They come mid-season!!!)


 Planter #2 ( I adore the little daisies)

 Yellow Cherry Tomatoes

 Planter #3 (This is my favorite planter.)

My favorite pictures from today.

All is happy and well with the Shuey's.

All my love.
Alex Shuey