Saturday, May 10, 2014

Gluten Free Trip to Disneyland!

So I've felt pretty bummed out since I've lost my job. Dave's been really great about it. And honestly, I've enjoyed the time we've been able to spend together. We've been wanting to do another trip to Disneyland for a while now, and since I no longer have to request work off, we figured, why not? We researched dates that were slow times for Disneyland. We wanted to be able to ride lots of rides, and just enjoy the park together.

With the exception of our honeymoon, we always drive to Disneyland. It saves lots of money, and honestly, it's not that bad of a drive. Dave and I have found things we enjoy doing. We talk a lot (I always insist on playing the question game. Pretty much we ask each other questions about each other like growing up, random interests, silly stories, etc.), but most recently, we've enjoyed listening to audio books while we drive! Especially Game of Thrones. We already are obsessed with the show, we figured we should start reading the books, and listening to them makes it so much more enjoyable.

We drove through the night, arriving in California early in the morning. We couldn't check into our hotel, so we decided to simply head over to the park. We rode our favorite rides, and looked around the park for other fun things we may want to try. Around 2 PM, we felt pretty dead, so we checked into our hotel, and took a nap. We woke up several hours later feeling much better. We went back to the park to hit a few more rides. We left when the park closed.

We were at the park for May the Fourth. No, it's not Cinco de Quatro like in arrested development. It's May the Fourth (force) be with you - from Star Wars!! The park was pretty slow on the morning of the fourth, but Tomorrowland was PACKED. Disney releases new pins and T-shirt every May 4th, and in limited quantities for those that are in the park for those dates. 

This was my first gluten-free trip to Disneyland, and we had no idea what I would be able to eat! So we drove to target, grabbed some tortillas, turkey, cheese, and cereal, and made wraps that we could eat in the park. (We always buy rice crispy treats and jerky from Costco before we leave on trips). This trip, my darling mother-in-law made me some Churro Chex Mix. I'm not even kidding, I think I heard angels when I had the first few bites. I am addicted to Disneyland Churros, and this was even BETTER!!!!

Om nom nom nom

Other Highlights of the trip:

+ Cindy (my darling mom-in-law) gave me a super cute Mickey and Minnie shirt before we left. I loved wearing it around the park

+We were able to stay for a few days.

+We had the chance to just relax, and walk around the park. We even rode some of the kiddy rides this time around!!!!

+ Dave played the fun game with his friends "Guess What Ride We're On?!" So we tried to take pictures of ourselves on all the rides.
Big Thunder Mountain
Splash Mountain
Tower of Terror

+We rode teacups! (Which we never do because they make Dave and I a little queasy)

+ I ran into an old high school friend in Disneyland. (Tyler, that seriously cracked me up!!)

I can't believe I ran into Tyler in Disneyland of all places!!!

I'm so happy Dave and I got to take some time to go to Disneyland again. It's always such a magical place for us. I'm grateful for my husband taking the time to make me feel better about my job situation. Until next time Disneyland!!!

All my love,


I love this guy

Winnie the Pooh!