Saturday, January 26, 2013

This is what Happens when a Nurse marries and Artist. (Our Wedding Story)

Once upon a time there was an a girl who loved rainboots. Incidentally, she was also an artist.

There was also a boy who loved StarWars. He was a nurse.
They were madly in love. So he asked her to marry him.
And she said yes.
They decided  a beautiful winter wedding was in order.
December 29, 2012 to be the date.

So she bought a white dress.
And he bought a suit.
And after planning every detail, the wedding finally happened!

This, my lovelies. Is the story of my "I DO!"

My wedding day was an emotional day for me. I was all over the place. I had so many butterflies, but was so excited to all but run down the aisle to see my sweetheart at the other end. I was so ready to become a Mrs. But I had to wait until 6PM, and believe me, that was the longest day of my life!!!!

I started out my day with a trip with all my bridesmaids, cousins, sisters, and mom to Starbucks, for early morning caffeine.
(You would not believe how unbelievably fun it was to ask them to write bride on my cup)
I spent the entire day trying to keep my head on straight. It's harder than you think. I was a big ball of nerves. My mom, aunt, sisters, cousins, and friends definitely helped me keep it together. I went to my good friend Cailie and Nolle to get my hair and nails done. Cailie did such beautiful job on my hair. And Nolle made my nails beautiful to feature my new wedding band!!!
Getting ready in the Bride's room was an emotional experience for me. It was so surreal. I had all the  ladies that I loved so much there to support me.    
(From Left: Aunt Raquel, Aunt Maria, My beautiful mother, Grandma Carol, Me, Grandma Lynne, Grandma Patty)
(My Aunt Raquel and me)

I had 4 STUNNING bridesmaids and honorary bridesmaid (she has a baby in her tummy).

(The darling Tootsie)

(My beautiful sister Sara)

(My stunning sister Sophie-Maid of Honor)
(My lovely best friend Suzanna)

(My gorgeous best friend Sariah)

(Aren't they all so BEAUTIFUL?)

My mom and sisters help me get into my dress. It was such a fun moment. You would not believe how hard it is to put on a wedding dress without messing your hurr up.
(In my dress undies...ooohlala. Hahaha. Getting ready to put on the dress)

(Momma zipping up my dress) the Groom's room. Dave was getting ready with his groomsmen. I hope he was at least a little nervous...I mean. I'm a big deal? Hahahaha.
(Brian was saying something funny...I bet.)

(Dave and his groomsmen.  John [on left] and best man Brian [on right]. Aren't they so handsome?!)

I had so many moments in my bride's room. These were some of my favorites. Because words can't describe exactly how much it meant.

(My grandma gave me a beautiful necklace to wear for my wedding day. It was was my something borrowed, and something old. She put it on for me. So special. I love her so much.)

(A hug with my dad. I have the most amazing father anyone could ever have.)

(A moment with my mom. This was right before a kiss on each cheek. I love my beautiful Mommy)

Dave and I originally wanted to write our own vows, but decided that our love for each other was our own. We have always written each other letters, our entire relationship. He wasn't allowed to see my dress before I walked down the aisle. So we traded letters around the door before the ceremony. His words made me cry. And my words did the same for him.
(Switching letters)

(His words made me cry. Wow.)
(Reading my letter.)

(I have never felt so connected to him in my entire life)

After such a powerful moment, I was so ready to meet the love of my life at the end if the aisle. So my sisters put on my veil, and I was ready.

And then. My ceremony started.

Here comes the bride.

His first look of me.

(Everyone stood up when my photographer was getting the picture...But still!)

(First married kiss)

And then we signed a little piece of paper. And just like that. We were forever.
We had promised each other forever. 

Family Pictures:

And now it was time to Party!!!

 Little did my guests my daddy/daughter dance...

would turn into a flash mob of Gangnam Style!!!!

Then things cooled down, and I danced with my darling new husband to "Fly Me To The Moon" by Frank Sinatra

And then of course, there was a bouquet toss.

And my 16-year-old cousin caught it!!!
And what's a wedding without an embarrassing garter toss?

 And my childhood church school friend/brother, Lucas caught it!!!!

 So the party continued...
(Aren't my in-laws so darling?)

(Yup. This is me and my best friend. In a nutshell. Even on my wedding day. Hahahaha)

(I don't remember what was said...But I'm so happy this snippet was caught)

(Awww. I love my parents)

(Always sexy...and always cheesy.)

(Brian kidnapped us, and Magleby's force fed was really nice to sit down.)

And then. It was all over. It was time to leave, and head off to our surprise honeymoon.

And so the nurse married the artist who wore rainboots on their wedding day. And this is their story.....

This is what happens when a nurse marries an artist.

Photo Credit: Studio Lush Photography-Kristin Ising
Cake: Chochy Judd Wedding Cakes (Let me know if you want a referral)
Flowers: Wasatch Wedding Design (Let me know if you want a referral)
Dress: David's Bridal
Hair: Cailie @ The Willow Salon