Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dog named Moose.

Name: Moose
Occupation: Dog/Brittany Spaniel
Humans: Dave and Alex
Hobbies and interest: Going for runs with Dave, snuggles, treats, playing with Jack, sleeping in awkward positions, drinking obscene amounts of water, playing with (destroying) my Tauntaun squeaky toy
Dislikes: Crate time, being alone, the grumpy bulldog on the other side of the fence
The day we picked up Moose!!!

Bringing Moose Home!!

I have been meaning to post about this for ages now. (Well, about a week to be honest.) WE HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DOG!! His name is Moose. And he gets me. He is perfect for our little family in every single way, and I truly believe it was fate that we got him when we did.

Dave and I have always known we were going to get a dog. We're both dog people. I'm that person that approaches every dog that passes me, and wants to take it home. I've grown up with dogs my entire life. I knew I wanted to raise my children around dogs. We were going to wait until spring to get a puppy. We wanted a black lab puppy, and we wanted a teeny tiny 8 week old baby to raise ourselves.

And then I met Moose.

I was driving back through Spanish Fork after finishing a root canal procedure (yuck!). I was driving down a long road, when I saw a little puppy dart across the road, narrowly missing getting hit. He was little, skinny, and sniffing around. I knew he was completely lost. I pulled over, and called him over. He would approach me, and then take off in the other direction. We played this cat/mouse game for about five minutes until he hung out by a chain link fence, looking down into the water canal. He let me approach him and pet him. He loved being pet. And he was so soft.

"You're little and lost. You're coming with me buddy!" I told him,  and scooped him into my arms, and placed him in my car. He hung out on my front seat just looking at me. I pet him, and let him know that I would be bringing him home as soon as I could. He fell asleep on the seat. I was completely in love.

With a heavy heart, I took him to the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter. I knew that if he were mine, I would come looking for him. So if he had a family, they were probably worried and would call the shelter. I filled out his intake form...and an adoption form. "If his family doesn't come for him, he is coming home with me." I told the receptionist over and over. A woman came to take Moose back to isolation. I gave him a quick pet and a kiss, and he was gone.

Later that night, I told Dave about my adventures.

"Babe, don't get attached. We're not getting that dog."

"Yes, we are." I replied.

(It's worth mentioning that he was looking up info about Moose's breed later that night.)

Dave rolled over the following morning, and asked me.

"But what if he doesn't like Burr-burr?" (Burr is our rabbit.)

I knew we were getting that dog

Over the next few days I was telling everyone I knew about this little guy that I loved. I was also compulsively checking the website, to make sure he was still listed. I called the animal shelter every day to check on him, and make sure he was alright. He had to be in the animal shelter for 5 business days to allow the owners enough time to claim him.

In that five days Dave finished our fence, and closed off the back yard.

The night before we got to bring Moose home, we went out to buy food, a pillow, leash, harness, car seat cover, collar, and his little name tag. We knew his name was going to be Moose.

December 3, 2014 we finally got to bring Moose home! He was ours. And he was so happy. We filled out a ton of paperwork, and the brought him forward to meet us. He remembered me! He crawled into my arms, and insisted on belly rubs, and non stop loving!

We've only had Moose for a few weeks but he is already my baby. And Dave's baby. We love him so much! Moose has been our missing puzzle piece. And he's so smart! He is already potty trained, and he didn't have any accidents in the house. (Except for one little tinkle at my Mom's...) He learned his name in 1 day. And he is starting to sit on command. We're still working on that one. Be prepared to hear about Moose lots. He's my favorite furry guy!!!

All my love,


Moose LOVES Uncle Jack
Just a little Conehead

He's a selfie EXPERT!
Just my Sleepy Dude

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  1. SOO freakin adorable!! lets set up a playdate for him and ringo :3